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Springfield Gas Explosions Attorneys: Seeking Justice for Victims


Missouri gas explosions attorneys

If you’ve been affected by a gas explosion in Springfield, learn how Buchanan Williams & O’Brien – Springfield’s skillful gas explosions attorneys can help you navigate legal complexities and secure the compensation you deserve.

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Gas explosions are catastrophic events that shake communities to their core. In Springfield, these incidents are news headlines and life-altering realities for the people involved. The aftermath of a gas explosion can entail devastating injury, loss of property, and, in tragic circumstances, loss of life. As personal injury attorneys, we understand that such events cause profound pain, suffering, and financial hardship, and navigating the complex legal landscape that follows can be overwhelming.

At Buchanan Williams & O’Brien, we have been dedicated to serving the Springfield community for over 40 years, with a successful track record in personal injury cases, including those arising from gas explosions. Our focus is unwavering in the pursuit of justice for our clients, and our experience has taught us the importance of swift action to secure the compensation they deserve.

Seeking legal assistance after a gas explosion is critical. It ensures that one’s rights are protected and those responsible are held accountable for their negligence or misconduct. Our firm stands ready to provide that assistance, combining compassionate client service with an aggressive legal strategy. We’re here to help our neighbors in Springfield rebuild their lives with the support and resources they need.

Seeking Justice for Victims

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Understanding Gas Explosions

Natural propane gas is a common energy source in homes and industries, valued for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, its highly flammable nature can lead to gas explosions, posing severe risks. These catastrophic events can be sparked by something as minuscule as static electricity or as significant as improper handling of propane tanks.

Explosions occur when natural gas builds up in an enclosed area and ignites, releasing a vast amount of energy in the form of heat and rapidly expanding gas. Valves and tanks are critical components of gas tanks; if these are not manufactured, installed, or maintained correctly, they represent potential hazards. Energy companies are tasked with ensuring the integrity of gas line installations and offering thorough investigations following an incident.

The Consequences of Negligence in Gas Leak Detection and Repair

Negligent maintenance by energy companies or failure to detect and repair natural gas leaks can lead to tragic outcomes, especially when combined with faulty appliances, control valves, or tanks. Research has also shown that occurrences like leaks and explosions in natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines in the U.S. lead to an average of 17 fatalities, 68 injuries, and $133 million in property damage each year.

In addition, victims often suffer from severe injuries, massive property losses, and significant emotional trauma. Therefore, corporations must invest in regular maintenance to prevent such incidents as leaking propane tanks. When a gas explosion occurs, the damage can be extensive. 

Comparative Fault in the Aftermath of a Gas Explosion

Understanding the doctrine of comparative fault in Missouri is essential for anyone involved in such an incident. It’s a concept that can impact a plaintiff’s compensation by attributing a percentage of fault to all involved parties.

As personal injury attorneys, we know that suffering a gas explosion can be a life-altering event. Our dedication is to guarantee that victims are fairly compensated for the physical and emotional trauma they endure. Safety must always be prioritized, and we stand ready to hold those responsible for their actions or inactions, especially when energy companies fail to provide the due diligence required for safety.

Understanding Gas Explosions

Confused about gas explosions attorneys in Missouri? We are here to answer your questions.

Legal Rights and Compensation

At Buchanan Williams & O’Brien, we understand the devastation a gas explosion can cause victims and their families. We’ve seen firsthand the pain, suffering, and financial hardship that follow. Our commitment to justice and our clients’ welfare drives us to receive the compensation they deserve.


Victims of gas leaks or explosions may be entitled to compensation for various damages. Our law firm diligently works to secure funds for medical bills, repair or replacement of damaged property, and economic support for lost wages during recovery.

  • General Damages: These cover non-economic losses such as pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and emotional trauma.
  • Special Damages: These are the calculable expenses incurred due to the injury—medical bills, lost income, rehabilitation costs, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Negligence and Liability

Following Missouri laws, the at-fault party’s degree of negligence determines liability for gas explosions. Our lawyers have vast experience proving liability and navigating through complex cases to ensure our clients receive maximum compensation.

Our team conducts thorough investigations to uncover evidence of negligence. Gas explosions are often the result of safety regulation violations or improper maintenance. Identifying the responsible parties for serious gas explosions is critical in securing your rightful claim.

Attorney Role

Missouri regulations and nuances in personal injury law require precise knowledge that our natural gas explosion lawyers are well-versed in. While we strive to secure fair settlements, we are also ready to take a verdict to a jury when necessary to ensure justice for our clients.

With over 40 years of experience, we’ve honed our skills in proving negligence in court. Our personal injury lawyers collaborate with independent gas explosion specialists, gather critical accident evidence, interview witnesses, and professionally navigate the trial process.

Your trust in us extends beyond courtrooms and legal strategy; it’s a commitment to your recovery and future. We at Buchanan Williams & O’Brien take that trust seriously, promising to seek the most favorable outcome for your personal injury cases.

Steps to Take After a Gas Explosion

If you’ve recently experienced a gas explosion, it’s important to take immediate action to ensure your safety and protect your legal rights. Here’s what we recommend you do immediately following the incident:

  1. Prioritize Safety: First and foremost, get to a secure location away from the explosion site.
  2. Call Emergency Services: Once you are safe, contact emergency services. Reporting the accident is crucial, as it also starts the official investigation process.
  3. Document the Scene: If feasible and safe, take photographs or videos of the area affected by the gas explosion. This visual evidence can be pivotal in your claim.
  4. Seek Medical Attention: Even if you feel fine, some injuries can be internal or surface later. We cannot stress enough how important it is to get examined by a medical professional.
  5. Preserve Evidence: Keep any physical evidence intact and maintain records of all damage and injury-related documents.
  6. Investigate: Leave the detailed investigation to the professionals. An official report can support your claim and help determine the cause of the gas leak.
  7. Know Your Rights: Know that you have legal rights that allow you to seek compensation for injuries and other losses.
  8. Contact Us: As your dedicated Missouri Gas Explosions Attorneys, we are here to help guide you through the legal process. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure your rights are upheld, and you are compensated fairly for your losses.

Starting early with Buchanan Williams & O’Brien on your side can make all the difference in the outcome of your legal action.

Why Choose Buchanan Williams & O’Brien

At Buchanan Williams & O’Brien, we bring over 40 years of extensive experience practicing personal injury cases, including those resulting from gas explosions. Our Springfield gas explosions lawyers are seasoned litigators and compassionate allies who understand the pain, suffering, and financial hardships accompanying personal injuries.

  • Client Service: We are renowned for our exceptional client service. Our approach is personalized; we know every client’s journey is unique and warrants our full attention.
  • Case Results: Our track record speaks volumes, with millions won for our clients in Missouri. This demonstrates our commitment and capability in seeking the compensation our clients rightfully deserve.
  • No Financial Risk: We work on a contingency fee basis for our client’s personal injury cases, ensuring that seeking our legal representation carries no financial risk for you. Our dedication to accountability means we only receive payment if we win your case.
  • Experienced Insurance Negotiations: Negotiating with insurers can be daunting, but it’s part of our extensive experience. We meticulously prepare and represent our clients’ interests, aiming to resolve claims swiftly and fairly. We are prepared to litigate in court if a satisfactory settlement isn’t achievable.

Your Next Step Forward with Buchanan Williams & O’Brien

When dealing with the aftermath of a gas explosion, you don’t need to face the journey to recovery and justice by yourself. At Buchanan Williams & O’Brien, we are prepared to support your rights and secure the compensation you are entitled to. Our dedication doesn’t end at legal representation. We strive to guard our community against similar tragedies by advocating for better safety practices. 

By choosing us, you not only opt for a steadfast legal ally but also a firm committed to improving our community’s safety standards. We urge those affected by natural gas lines and explosions to lean on our experience and allow us to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Contact us to take the first step towards your recovery.

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