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Social Security Disability Attorneys in Springfield, Missouri

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal insurance program that provides financial assistance to people who cannot work due to disabilities. In order to qualify, an individual must have a disability, whether it is mental or physical, that prevents them from obtaining jobs.

The benefits allotted are based on the individual’s work and earnings history. So, a person needs to work long enough and be insured to be eligible for Social Security Disability. They must also not be able to work due to their disability.

Applying for SSDI can be complex. Thus, you need the help of a Social Security disability Attorney. Our trusted workers’ comp lawyers have a record of delivering positive outcomes in Missouri. They can assist you with your Social Security Disability process application process.

Eligibility for SSDI Benefits

Firstly, SSDI benefits are only available to individuals with a medically determinable disability.

To determine disability, the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses the following criteria:

  • The disability prevents you from performing your former job
  • Your medical condition prevents you from performing other work
  • The disability has lasted or is expected to last at least one year.

You may automatically qualify for SSDI benefits if your medical condition is on the SSA’s Medically Approved Listing of Impairments. That said, it does not mean that you are not entitled to benefits if your medical condition isn’t on the list.

However, you may still qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which provides benefits for people who do not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. Your assets and income must meet specific guidelines to qualify for SSI.

Find out more about the eligibility requirements by getting in touch with our trusted workers’ compensation lawyers. Our team can evaluate your situation and provide you with suitable options.

Application Process for Social Security Disability Benefits

You can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance from the Social Security Administration (SSA). You can apply for disability benefits by:

  • Submitting an online application
  • Calling the SSA’s national toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213,
  • Going in person or contacting a local Social Security office

The process to apply for Social Security disability benefits follows these processes:

  1. Gather all documents and information you need to complete an application. These include:
  • Medical records, i.e., name and address of hospital and doctors, type of medical illness
  • Date and place of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Bank credentials
  • Employment history
      1. Complete your application form and submit it to the Social Security Administration.
      2. The SSA then reviews the application to ensure you meet their eligibility requirements. Such requirements include:
        • Working years
        • Current work activities
      1. The SSA then processes your application. They then send it to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) office in your state.
      2. The state agency is responsible for making the disability determination decision.

      The processing time will vary depending on the nature of your disability. The medical examinations or evidence requirements can also affect the processing time. However, in most cases, an initial decision takes about three to six months.

      Once the DDS receives your application, they will review it and contact you for inquiries. They may request additional documents from you before they process your case. If they approve your request, you will receive a notification email. They will also include details on the amount of your benefits and start date.

      What Happens if the SSA Deny My Application?

      If the SSA denies your application, you can appeal the decision. You can request an appeal in writing within 60 days after the notice. You may appeal in the following levels of appeal:

      • Filing a reconsideration for a new hearing
      • Petitioning for a hearing by an administrative law judge
      • Filing for a review by the Appeals Council
      • Filing for a federal Court Review

      Suppose you have included other family members in your application. The DDS will notify you if they may also receive benefits on your record.


      Importance of Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

      Disability law attorneys are valuable to anyone who is unable to work as a result of a disability. Here are some reasons for doing so:

      In-depth Knowledge of Legislation Subtleties

      Our Social Security disability lawyers are aware of the subtleties of the legislation. Additionally, they help with the application procedure, appeals process, and medical evidence requirements. They can provide you with sound advice and make sure you receive fair benefits.

      Higher Chances of Acceptance When Applying for Social Security Disability

      The acceptance rate of individuals represented by our attorneys is high. We help our clients complete their applications and ensure they are filed correctly and on time. Also, we can handle any legal complications that may arise.

      Appeals Submission

      If your application has been denied, you may request an appeal. We can review your application and help you file your appeal, ensuring all deadlines and requirements are met.

      Contact us today to find out how we can help. Our skilled workers’ compensation lawyers can handle many other cases and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

      Contact Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien P.C. for Help

      Our attorneys at Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien P.C. have extensive experience in Social Security disability law. We have successfully guided clients through the complicated application process and helped them receive fair benefits. We aim to advocate for your rights while prioritizing your health and well-being.

      We understand that this process can be overwhelming, and we are here to offer support throughout the process. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to all of our clients. Contact us today to get started on your disability claim.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How Long Does it Take to Receive a Decision on an SSD Claim?

      In general, it can take 3 to 6 months to over a year to receive a decision. But, the timeline depends on the intricacy of the case. Besides, the accessibility of essential medical evidence is crucial.

      What Differentiates SSDI From SSI?

      SSI and SSDI are both Social Security disability programs but differ in many ways. The critical difference is that SSDI is based on an individual’s work credits, while SSI is based on financial need. Additionally, SSDI provides cash benefits and Medicare coverage to those who qualify, while SSI only provides cash benefits.


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