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When licensing your vehicle, you may have questions about car inspection. Joplin, MO, residents can find answers and tips for a smooth process here.

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Regular Vehicle Inspection Requirement in Missouri


The Missouri Department of Revenue requires Joplin, MO, residents to undertake regular vehicle inspections. These inspections help drivers avoid auto accidents caused by defective or poorly maintained auto parts.

If any repair is required, the inspections can help identify them. New MO residents must register their vehicles within 30 days of moving to the state. This registration is possible only after one has obtained safety inspections for their vehicle.

What Are the Inspection Requirements in Joplin, MO?


It is mandatory to clear the Missouri vehicle safety inspection to obtain or renew a car or vehicle registration in Joplin, MO. The inspection aims to ensure that the automobiles on the road adhere to the quality and inspection standards set under the law.

An inspection can also determine if any repair or service is required. This is a great way to fix things beforehand and avoid preventable car and truck accidents.

In MO, a safety inspection is required every two years except for vehicles exempt under the law. An inspection is also required before selling an automobile. Sometimes, an inspection may be required after an accident or by the police.

After a successful inspection, a Certificate of Inspection and Approval is issued to the owner. After completing this requirement, one can renew the registration, title, or license.

What Do Car Inspections Look For in Joplin, MO?


Missouri automobile inspection stations thoroughly check and audit all vehicle parts.

The following parts and features of the vehicle are tested for compliance:

  • Tires

  • Brake system

  • Fuel system

  • Vehicle lights

  • Exhaust system

  • Steering system

  • Airbags

  • Bumpers

  • Windshield

  • Windows

  • Seatbelt

How Is a Car Safety Inspection Conducted in Joplin, MO?


A thorough and honest car inspection aims to ensure road users’ safety on the road by determining if any maintenance or repairs are needed. So, an inspection also serves as a preventive measure.

An inspection’s main aim is to ensure that all car features work correctly and are maintained in excellent condition.

Here are some of the things the inspection staff may check during the inspection:


While checking the brakes, the inspection will test if the brakes are quick and work seamlessly. If any service or repair is required, the report will mention it. The inspector might also remove the car’s wheels to check the brakes’ condition.

Air Pollution Check

An inspection will test whether the car’s emission levels comply with air pollution laws. The inspection officer will check the air injection system, oxygen sensor, and spark control.

Car Exteriors

The officer will check the headlights, rear, and signal lights, gas filler caps, wiper blades, and reflectors.

Car Interiors

The inspection will check the car’s seatbelts, mirrors, airbags, steering unit, child controls, and other safety features.

Height Check

An inspection will also check if the front and rear bumpers are within the maximum height limits.

Who Regulates Car Inspections in Missouri?


The Missouri State Highway Patrol regulates these inspections. If the inspection report indicates that repairs are required for certain parts, owners should get the work done quickly. The law forbids the movement of cars that do not pass the inspection on any other road except to and from the repair shop area.

For obtaining inspection waivers or getting extensive or specialized repairs done, vehicle owners can get the services of an MO-recognized service professional or company.


How Much Does a Car Inspection Cost in Joplin, MO?


Excluding the cost of any repair or auto service that may be needed, inspections are low-priced in Joplin. Though the cost may vary from company to company, the State of Missouri caps the fee at $10 for motorcycles. The inspection service cost for a car or truck is capped at $12.

If the vehicle fails the inspection in Joplin, MO, a free retest service can be availed at the same station within 20 business days.

If you have trouble obtaining your free retest, a car accident attorney in Missouri can evaluate the situation and assist you with any legal issues.

Is Missouri Doing Away With Vehicle Inspections?


Introduced in January 2022, House Bill 2499 proposes to change the existing MO safety inspection laws. The new bill does not eliminate safety inspection requirements. However, it limits its applicability.

Under the new law, vehicles manufactured after January 01, 2012, and having less than 150,000 miles will not be required to undergo the mandatory safety inspection in Missouri.


Which Cars Are Excluded from Getting Safety Inspections in Joplin, MO?

In Joplin, MO, most cars and vehicles must be inspected every two years. However, vehicles under five years old are not subject to this requirement.

The model or manufacture date of the vehicle is used to calculate this period of five years. Other vehicles exempt from a mandatory safety review include:

  • Those weighing above 26,000 pounds
  • Trailers
  • Low-speed vehicle
  • Those being sold for junk or salvage
  • Those with a historic license plate
  • Those registered for interstate commerce with the DOR
  • Those with registration expiring in an odd calendar year and having an even model year
  • Those with registration expiring in an even calendar year and having an odd model year

Further, an emission inspection is not required in all MO counties.

Only the residents who live in one of the following areas in MO are required to get an emission inspection done:

  • St. Charles County
  • Jefferson County
  • Franklin County
  • Affton City
  • Affton County

Will a Cracked Windshield Pass Inspection in MO?


A windshield will not pass inspection in the following circumstances:

  • Windshield cracks measuring more than three inches within the driver’s vision area
  • Damaged windshields with shattered pieces, missing pieces, or sharp edges
  • Star cracks
  • Bullseye and half-moon cracks that are within three inches of other damaged areas or if they are inside the driver’s viewing area
  • Cracks above the bottom 4 inches of the windshield or inside the wiper clearing area
  • Windscreen chips larger than two inches in diameter
  • A crack that extends longer than three inches within the clearing area of the windshield wipers


Where Can I Get a Missouri State Auto Inspection?

Vehicle owners in Joplin, MO, can get their cars inspected at any Missouri-recognized inspection station or service provider. The Missouri State Highway Patrol authorizes these stations to conduct auto inspections and issue certificates of compliance.

Some common places where a vehicle owner can go for an inspection include:

  • Auto repair shops

  • Gas stations

  • Car dealerships

  • Emission testing centers

Before taking your car in for an inspection, ensure that the station is authorized and recognized by the state. This information can usually be found on their website or displayed at their physical location.

It’s always a good idea to keep up with regular inspections for your vehicle to ensure compliance with state laws and for the safety of yourself and others on the road.

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