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Improper Lane Change Accidents


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Missouri Accidents from Improper Lane Change


Nowadays, drivers tend to drive their vehicles recklessly. Lane change accidents often result from unsafe driving. All parties involved can suffer significant injuries and property damage. If you are injured in an unsafe lane change automobile accident, consult an attorney to recover compensation for serious injuries and vehicle damage.


What Is an Improper Lane Change?


Improper lane changes can be defined as abrupt lane changes or attempts to change lanes from one lane to another by a driver. Unsafe lane changes cause many motor vehicle accidents.

Which Are the Three Most Common Lane Change Errors?


These are the top five reasons for improper lane change accidents:

Lane Hopping

Many drivers weave through traffic because they think that rushing will save them time. Whenever possible, these dangerous drivers seek out the faster-moving lanes or traffic gaps to allow them to continue their journey unhindered. As a result, they travel faster than the majority of traffic.

There is a greater risk of something drastically going wrong because of the highly increased number of lane changes.

Not Signaling Lane Changes.

Not Signaling occurs when a driver fails to signal their intention to other drivers, and an unsafe lane change occurs. The result is usually a lane change crash that can give rise to a car accident claim.

Lack of Situational Awareness

This occurs when drivers are not focused while driving, so they are easily caught off guard by situations on the road. Additionally, a lack of awareness leads to poor timing when changing lanes while missing important traffic information regarding vehicles close to them.

Distractions While Driving

Unintended lane changes usually happen due to distractions from cell phones, conversations, radios, etc. Because the driver’s mind is distracted and not focused on the road, they unintentionally change lanes.

Inefficient Mirror Use and Settings

Drivers usually don’t adjust their mirrors in a way that maximizes their visibility while eliminating or minimizing blind spots. The majority of drivers do not check their mirrors often enough, even if they do. In order to eliminate blind spots, driving experts teach how to adjust mirrors better.

What Risks Are Involved in Changing Lanes?


Unsafe lane changes are associated with many risks, including the following:

  • It can lead to injury or death in extreme circumstances

  • It can damage property

  • It can also result in legal consequences


Lane Change Laws in Missouri


Missouri lane change law allows drivers to change lanes, if it is safe to do so, if they encounter the following vehicles.

  • MoDot vehicles

  • Law enforcement vehicles

  • Emergency vehicles with lights flashings

On a multi-lane highway, drivers must change lanes safely if they can. Drivers who cannot change lanes on two-lane roads, or whose lane changes could cause an accident, must drive slowly and safely in front of emergency vehicles until they can change lanes safely to allow them to pass.

What’s the Best Way to Change Lanes?


When changing lanes in Missouri, drivers must:

  • Indicate that you’re about to change lanes by turning on your signal.

  • Be sure to check your mirrors for traffic coming your way

  • Look over your shoulder to make sure there are no blind spots.

  • As soon as you have determined that it is safe to change lanes, be careful to watch out for other drivers.

  • Turn off your signal after completing the lane change.


Who Is at Fault in an Unsafe Lane Change Accident?


When a lane change accident occurs, the driver who changed lanes unsafely is at fault. It is possible for the other driver to be held liable for lane change car accidents in Missouri. If a driver wants to change lanes, but the other driver slows down or drives fast, preventing the car from changing lanes, the other driver could be held liable for the accident.

Still, most lane change accidents occur due to the driver’s failure. In order to avoid accidents, drivers should ensure they change lanes safely every time.

Should You Consult an Attorney for a Missouri Improper Lane Change Accident?


You have every right to consult an attorney when you are involved in an improper lane change accident in Missouri. A lawyer can advise you on your options so that you can make an informed decision.

An improper lane change accident can result in injury and property damage when the driver is negligent. Regardless of whether you are the victim or the party at fault, it is vital that you hire an attorney right away.

An attorney can assist a victim in claiming compensation for their injuries and damage to their vehicles, even if they were involved in a car accident with an uninsured driver. A lawyer can represent the at-fault party against insurance company claims and negotiate penalties with the prosecutor.

Moreover, one of our lawyers can help you craft a powerful defense if you are given an improper lane change ticket.

Get in touch with Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien for a free consultation regarding your case.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Receive a Ticket for an Improper Lane Change?

When a driver changes lanes without taking any precautions, mainly on a multi-lane road, they will be issued an improper lane change ticket from the officer on duty. The driver can still defend this ticket if they have evidence that they are driving safely and changing lanes due to unforeseen circumstances, not negligence.

What Is Improper Lane Use?

Improper lane use is a situation where drivers use a lane they aren’t permitted to. Improper lane use often happens with truck drivers.

For example, truck drivers are prohibited from using the leftmost lanes, so when they decide to use it regardless of the consequences, this situation is often referred to as improper lane use.

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