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Louis T-Bone Accident Attorney

T-bone accident can cause severe injuries and can even be fatal. This type of accident is often called a side-impact collision or broadside collision. It is a motor vehicle collision in which one vehicle collides into the side of another, creating a “T” shape as a result.

T-bone accidents pose a risk due to their unpredictable nature. These collisions frequently occur at intersections without warning. In parking lots, they often result from one driver’s failure to yield the right of way. Ignoring traffic signals is another common cause initiated by motorists.

T-bone accidents frequently lead to disputes over liability, carrying significant legal repercussions as a result. Victims of these collisions can turn to a reputable St. Louis T-bone accident attorney for professional legal advice. At Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien, we can help you pursue appropriate compensation and handle your T-bone accident case professionally and passionately.

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How T-Bone Accident Cases Work

Grasping the mechanics of T-bone cases is essential, not only for victims but also for the legal professionals handling them. Let’s have a look at how the cases work.

Types of T-Bone Accidents

Different things can cause a T-bone accident. These can vary based on the situation and where the crash happens. T-bone collisions can occur in the following ways:

  • Intersection T-Bone Accidents:T-bone accidents happen when a driver disregards a stop sign or red light. This causes them to collide with a car crossing the intersection on the perpendicular route.
  • Parking Lot T-Bone Accidents:A T-bone accident can occur in a parking lot when one car pulls out of a parking spot without checking for oncoming traffic.
  • Driveway T-Bone Accidents:A T-bone collision can occur if drivers fail to yield to approaching traffic when joining a road.
  • T-Bone Accidents at Railroad Crossings:Accidents of this kind often happen when a driver is careless or distracted while crossing the railroad tracks.
  • Side-Impact Accidents Involving Multiple Vehicles:This T-bone crash may occur if a collision pushes one or both vehicles to collide with nearby vehicles.
  • T-Bone Accidents on Rural Roads:Such T-bone car accidents occur when a car fails to surrender the right of way or runs a red light. It can also happen when a motorist ignores a stop sign. This causes an accident with a vehicle passing through the junction perpendicularly.
  • U-Turn Collisions:These T-bone car accidents occur when a single car makes an unexpected U-turn. It will lead to an accident if the turn is in the path of oncoming traffic.

T-bone collisions have several common causes, such as:

  • Texting while driving
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Paying attention to a GPS or smartphone map instead of the road
  • Impaired driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Icy roads
    How T Bone Accident Cases Work

    Legal Process for T-Bone Accident Cases

    Please note that the following guide is a general outline; each case is unique. Always consult a qualified attorney to tailor the approach to your situation. The legal process after a T-bone accident may involve the following:

    Step 1: Emergency Response and Immediate Action

    • Call 911. After ensuring your safety and that of others involved, the first step is to call 911. The police will arrive to take statements and prepare an accident report.
    • Seek Medical Help. Even if injuries seem minor, it’s crucial to get medical attention. Documentation of injuries is essential for later legal steps.

    Step 2: Gather Evidence

    • Collect Information. Gather names, contact details, and insurance information of all parties involved. Also, collect evidence like photographs and witness statements.
    • Obtain Surveillance Footage. If the accident occurred in a location with surveillance cameras, such as an intersection or parking lot, try to obtain the footage.

    Step 3: Consult an Attorney

    Reach out to a dedicated T-Bone accident attorney to assess the merits of your case and guide you through the subsequent steps.

    Step 4: File an Insurance Claim

    • Notify Your Insurance. Inform your insurance company about the accident, but be cautious about giving recorded statements without consulting your attorney first.
    • Other Party’s Insurance. Likewise, you may have to interact with the other party’s insurance company. Again, consult your attorney before making any statements.

    Step 5: Investigation

    • Lawyer’s Role. Your attorney will carry out an independent investigation. They will gather evidence, consult professionals, and prepare the case for either settlement negotiations or trial.
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      Common Injuries from T-Bone Accidents: Broken Bones

      T-bone accidents often result in severe injuries, with broken bones being particularly common due to the force of impact on the side of the vehicle. Fractures can range from simple breaks, requiring minimal medical intervention, to complex fractures that may involve surgery and long-term rehabilitation. Symptoms typically include intense pain, swelling, and an inability to move the affected area. Immediate medical assessment is crucial to determine the extent of the injury and to initiate appropriate treatment, which may include immobilization, pain management, and physical therapy.

      Navigating the Legal Process for T-Bone Accident Injury Claims

      Understanding the legal process in the aftermath of a T-bone accident is essential for securing fair compensation. The journey begins with gathering all necessary evidence, including medical records, eyewitness accounts, and accident reports. Legal representation plays a pivotal role, as experienced attorneys can navigate the complexities of personal injury law and negotiate with insurance companies effectively. They ensure that all aspects of your claim are meticulously documented and that your case is presented compellingly, maximizing the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Engaging a skilled lawyer early can significantly influence the compensation you receive, helping cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs.

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        Typical Outcomes and Penalties for T-Bone Accidents

        The results and punishments for T-bone collisions can differ significantly. They are likely to be based on several variables. These may include the following.

        • The severity of the collision
        • The injuries sustained
        • The legal proceedings taken

        The following are some typical T-bone accident results and consequences:

        1. Civil Liability:The at-fault driver will be accountable for the other parties’ damages. The plaintiff could bring a personal injury lawsuit for various compensations.
        2. Insurance Claims:Injured parties are compensated for their damages by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Up to the policy limits, insurance companies can pay for medical bills. They may also settle for vehicle repairs and other losses.
        3. Criminal Penalties:A criminal charge may be filed against the at-fault driver. One can sue them if the T-bone accident resulted in severe injury or death. A driver may be punished for reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter. One may also face other traffic-related crimes.Depending on the severity of the offense and the jurisdiction’s laws, criminal convictions can result in:
          • Fines
          • Probation
          • License suspension
          • Imprisonment
        4. Loss of Driver’s License:A driver’s license could be suspended or revoked in several circumstances. State laws and particular circumstances will determine how long the suspension lasts.

          Confused about T-bone accidents in St Louis? We are here to answer your questions.

          How a T-Bone Accident Attorney Can Help

          After a T-bone crash incident, it would help to consult with an experienced car accident attorney. They will assist in the following ways:

          • Investigating the specifics of your case
          • Gathering proof from the scene and those present
          • Establishing the at-fault driver’s responsibility
          • Estimating how much your damages are worth
          • Pursuing adequate payment for your losses or injuries
          • Negotiating on your behalf with insurance adjusters
          • Keeping you updated on the progress of your case


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          The challenge of determining liability in a T-bone collision lies in the fact that any motorist may be held responsible. When holding negligent people accountable, establishing the truth is often necessary. It’s also vital to navigate other legal hurdles and difficulties for an incident. Without legal counsel, the already stressful situation can become much more intense.

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