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Analyzing the Most Common Causes of Accidents in St. Louis

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Accidents in St. Louis?


Car accidents cause thousands of deaths in the United States annually. In 2021, there were 39,508 car crashes. These caused 42,939 deaths. These accidents leave behind colossal hospital bills to cover. It is thus necessary for you to know the causes of these car accidents and how to deal with car accident cases.

Most car accidents in St. Louis result from reckless driving and distractions. Driving under the influence and auto defects are other causes. That might cause the death of your loved one or friend. In this case, a St. Louis Wrongful Death Lawyer may assist you in getting compensation.

This post will analyze St. Louis, Missouri’s leading causes of car accidents. It will also suggest ways to reduce them and stay safe. Read to the end.

High-Risk Areas in St. Louis for Accidents


Understanding local factors and specific locations where accidents are most frequent can provide insight into preventing them. In St. Louis, several areas have been identified as high-risk for traffic accidents. For instance, the intersection of Lindell Boulevard and Kingshighway Boulevard is notorious for collisions. With its heavy traffic flow and complex layout, this junction sees frequent accidents, especially during rush hours.

Another critical hotspot is I-64 at Jefferson Avenue. This location experiences a high volume of vehicles daily, and the merging lanes often confuse drivers, leading to rear-end collisions and side-swipes. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) reports that this section of I-64 has one of the highest accident rates in the state, emphasizing the need for increased caution.

Downtown St. Louis also presents unique challenges. Streets like Washington Avenue and Tucker Boulevard are particularly hazardous due to dense traffic and frequent pedestrian crossings. The combination of commercial activity and nightlife in these areas contributes to a higher likelihood of both vehicular and pedestrian accidents.

Further, the intersection of Chippewa Street and Hampton Avenue is another accident-prone area. This busy commercial corridor has numerous entrances and exits to businesses, which increases the potential for side-impact collisions.

Local weather conditions also play a significant role. St. Louis experiences diverse weather patterns, from heavy rain to snow and ice in the winter. Roads like the Martin Luther King Bridge and I-70 are particularly treacherous during adverse weather conditions, leading to an uptick in accidents.

By recognizing these high-risk areas and understanding the contributing local factors, drivers can adopt safer driving practices, potentially reducing the likelihood of accidents in these hotspots.

Overview of St. Louis Car Accident Statistics

Fatal car crashes claim many people’s lives in St. Louis County, Missouri. The St. Louis City car crash report states that over 14,000 people got injured in traffic crashes. This report indicates that the total number of traffic deaths exceeded 100. 

Per the 2021 Fatalities fact sheet, 931 fatal clashes led to 1,016 deaths. Of the 1,016 deaths, the accidents involved road users as follows:

  • 351 car accidents

  • 312 pickup and S.U.V. accidents

  • 23 Truck accidents

  • 166 motorcyclist accidents

  • 117 pedestrian accidents

  • 7 bicyclists

 About 515 of the deaths took place as a result of an average B.A.C. percent. Between 2017 and 2021, Missouri had 1,025 fatalities involving driving under the influence.

How St. Louis Car Accidents Happen

Several factors play a part in automobile accidents in St. Louis. Accidents with serious injuries result from drunk drivers and carelessness or reckless driving.

Also, traffic infractions, mechanical problems, and driver errors may lead to Car Crashes in St. Louis. That’s according to accident statistics from the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

When you are a car accident victim, you need legal counsel from a Louis car accident lawyer. That helps ensure the offender in a vehicle accident compensates you for your losses.

Below are a few analyzed car accident causes in St. Louis to further illustrate the point.


Car Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a severe and expanding issue in St. Louis, Missouri. Driving distractions entail anything that causes the driver to do the following:

    • Take their hands from the wheel
    • Avert their eyes from watching the roadway
    • Let their thoughts wander from the task of driving safely

    Over half of the distracted driving fatalities claimed the lives of other people. Seventy-one people were killed in MO distracted driving crashes. More so, 74% of distracted drivers in fatal crashes involved persons over 21 years.

    Also, one of the most troubling and spreading causes of auto accidents is texting and driving. Texts may distract you while driving and cause an accident. That may harm everyone in the car and other drivers and passengers.


    Car Accidents Caused by Speeding and Reckless Driving

    Speeding contributed to 29% of all traffic fatalities. In 2021, over 12,330 deaths resulted from overspeeding. Whatever the situation, driving fast contributes to car accidents.

    Speeding poses hazards to the driver and occupants of other vehicles on the roadway. Quickly slowing down while speeding is challenging and can result in serious injury accidents. Running red lights, changing lanes, and tailgating can also cause collisions.

    There are several reasons speeding leads to a likelihood of a car accident. They include the following:

    • There is a shorter driver response time.
    • There is a longer stopping distance.
    • There is a greater chance the driver will lose control of the car.


    Car Accidents Caused by Drinking and Driving

    We’ve all heard, read, or seen horror stories about what happens due to drunk driving. You and other road users are at risk when a drunken driver is on the road. Impaired drivers in St. Louis City were responsible for over half of fatalities. In 2020, 32% of Missouri’s car accident fatalities involved drunk driving. In 2021, 215 people were killed, and 713 were seriously injured due to drunk driving.

    It is never a good idea to drive after drinking alcohol, regardless of how much or little you have. Driving when intoxicated makes paying attention on the road difficult. That usually leads to severe accidents, fatal injuries, and disabling injuries.


    Difficult Weather Conditions

    Wind, fog, rain, snow, sleet, ice, and other poor weather conditions can all be dangerous for driving. Rain and fog can obstruct a driver’s visibility. That makes it challenging to maintain the vision of the other vehicles and the road itself. A driver may also lose vehicle control in wet weather, causing accidents.

    A vehicle’s traction can reduce due to snow and ice, making rapid stops and fast bends risky.

    Not wearing seatbelts is a leading cause of accident-related deaths during lousy weather.

      Other Causes of St. Louis Accidents

      Overspeeding and distracted driving are not the only cause of accidents in St. Louis.

      Here are other causes of Car Crashes in St. Louis.

      •  Vehicles follow too closely behind others. Also known as tailgating. That is the leading cause of rear-end accidents in St. Louis.

      • Disregarding stop signs, red lights, or when turning onto or merging lanes.

      • Young drivers who lack prowess behind the wheel might cause car crashes. Teen drivers frequently make mistakes, including exceeding speed limits and taking unnecessary risks. They are also overconfident in their ability to drive safely. They also frequently need more experience to properly operate the car.

      • Older drivers whose visual and cognitive abilities diminish. These drivers may contribute to auto accidents.

      • Unroadworthy vehicles can cause accidents. For instance, tire blowouts cause road collisions. They arise from poor maintenance or faulty components.


      How an Attorney Can Help if Involved in a St. Louis Road Accident Incident 

      If you get injured in a motorcycle or motor vehicle accident in St. Louis, you may take legal action to recover damages for your losses. A St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer may help you file charges against negligent drivers.

      Contact Missouri Personal Injury Attorneys to protect your interests after a car accident. Get in touch with Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien as soon as you can after an accident. Our skilled car accident lawyers may help you get fair compensation. Pop in for a free consultation.  

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