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Avoid Car Accidents in Springfield, Missouri by Paying Attention to Missouri State Highway Patrol Information

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A Brief Overview of Missouri State Highway Patrol Information


The National Safety Council reports that motor vehicle crashes are among the top three causes of preventable injury-related deaths in the United States. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention terms motor vehicle crashes as a “public health concern.” It suggests that these traffic accidents can be prevented if drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers follow certain safety tips.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) seeks to promote safe driving and compliance with traffic and car accident laws in Missouri. Towards this end, it keeps the public informed with easy tips and tricks they can follow to increase the safety of everyone on the road.

Safety Tips Issued by the Missouri State Highway Patrol


For the benefit of the public, the Missouri State Highway Patrol regularly publishes general traffic-related safety tips, weather-specific driving advisories, and even special safety reminders for different holidays. It provides simple tips one can follow during thunderstorms, flash floods, winters, or heavy rains to avoid major injuries and property damage.

Adopting simple measures suggested by the Missouri State Highway Patrol can go a long way in avoiding traffic accidents and preventing common car accident injuries.

For example, the Missouri State Highway Patrol suggests not fastening children in the car seat with their winter coats on to increase child safety in the car during winter. Instead, it recommends first securing the harness and then putting a coat or blanket over the child.

Road Safety Reminders From the Missouri State Highway Patrol


Ahead of any upcoming weather changes, holiday season, or special events, the Missouri State Highway Patrol updates the public with specific safety guidance they can follow to reduce the chances of an accident. Below are some of such updates:

Advisory Ahead of Time Change

Due to the difficulty of driving during dark hours, the Missouri State Highway Patrol often reminds everyone to drive with extra attention during daylight savings time. Drivers are also asked to be extra cautious about pedestrians. Additionally, pedestrians are advised to wear bright colors and look both ways before crossing the street.

Advisory Ahead of Christmas Season

To stay safe while driving during the Christmas season, the Missouri State Highway Patrol recommends that drivers winterize their vehicle, be sober and well-rested, and ensure that their vehicle is in good condition. It also reminds drivers and travelers that holiday drivers may affect the usual traffic patterns.

During the Christmas holiday period in 2021, eight traffic fatalities in mere 30 hours were reported in Missouri. Taking these small and easy steps can help one avoid chances of getting into an accident.

Spring Road Safety Tips

Varying weather conditions, change in temperature, and heavy rains during the spring increase the risk of auto accidents. During this season, The Missouri State Highway Patrol recommends the following safety tips while driving:

  • Avoid driving in fast-moving waters.
  • Respect barriers put in by the Missouri Department of Transportation.
  • Be extra cautious about fog, road frost, and slick areas.
  • Turning on vehicle headlights anytime the windshield wipers are being used (this is a requirement under Missouri law as well).
  • Being aware of farming equipment on tractors and other vehicles, especially on rural roads.

Back to School Season

The Missouri State Highway Patrol recommends talking to children and educating them about road safety and traffic laws and rules. It asks drivers and motorists to be extra cautious when driving around schools, playgrounds, or school bus that is loading or unloading children.


Other Tips for Safe Driving


Here are some other safe driving tips that one can follow to avoid traffic accidents and fatalities:

  • Avoid distracted driving.

  • Drivers and passengers should always use seat belts.

  • Follow the speed limit rules and respect traffic signals.

  • Do not drive when feeling drowsy.

  • Ensure the vehicle is in good working condition and repair the defective parts.

  • Keep an appropriate distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front.

  • Avoid driving during bad weather conditions.

  • When changing lanes, use side mirrors, rearview mirrors, and turn signals.

  • Be hands-free while driving.

  • Take extra care when driving with children and buckle them properly.

  • Parents of new drivers should educate their children about following traffic rules and driving safely. They should also ensure that they have adequate training.

Staying Connected With the Missouri State Highway Patrol


The Missouri State Highway Patrol publishes regular updates on its Twitter channel. However, one should remember that this is not an emergency contact method. To report an emergency to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, one can call *55 from a cell phone or 1-800-525-5555. The emergency contact number connects to the nearest Missouri State Highway Patrol headquarters.

They also have a YouTube channel that provides practical driving tips and information about different vehicle parts.


How Do I Get a Highway Patrol Accident Report in Missouri?


To get an official accident report copy from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, one can contact their local Highway Patrol troop headquarters or the Patrol’s Traffic Division at (573) 526-6113. One should wait for at least ten (10) days before requesting an official crash report.

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