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How Long Does a Workers’ Comp Settlement Take in St. Louis?

You may have heard about the workers’ compensation system and what it offers as an employer in Missouri. This insurance helps protect employers from lawsuits when employees get injured on the job. A workers’ compensation policy benefits include medical expenses, wage loss, and other needs resulting from a workplace injury.

Workers’ compensation settlements typically take around six months to resolve. However, depending on the injury’s severity and the case’s complexity, workers’ compensation settlements may take longer or shorter to resolve. In some cases, the settlement process between the worker and the workers’ compensation insurance company also determines the process timeline.

If you have sustained an injury on the job, a skilled St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney from the firm of Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien, may be able to provide the guidance you need.

What Are the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Laws?

Missouri provides workers’ compensation benefits to employees who are injured at work. Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated program, which means the rules and regulations vary from state to state. 

According to the law, an “employee” is any person who is paid to work for another. On the other hand, an “employer” is someone who pays the people they employ to provide services. The Missouri workers’ compensation law offers benefits to injured workers through a no-fault system, which means that it covers all employees, regardless of fault or whether they contributed to their injuries.

By working with workers compensation attorneys, you can navigate the case, understand all you need to make a sound and well-informed decision, and get compensation for your future medical treatment in a lump sum settlement. Your attorney will also guide you through the process if you already have health insurance.


What Does a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Cover?

Employers are required to provide this benefit to their employees in case they get injured at work or fall ill due to their work. In Missouri, workers’ compensation benefits include: 

  • Medical bills for care and rehabilitation

  • Disability payments while you’re unable to work because of your injury

  • Wage replacement for time off from work due to an injury or illness

Workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you in negotiating your workers’ compensation claim if you are experiencing difficulties and provide you with formal legal advice on how to proceed with the matter.

Who Is Excluded From Workers’ Compensation Coverage? 


Although workers’ compensation covers the majority of Missouri workers, some specific categories of workers are not. Employees who are not covered include the following:

  • Independent contractors

  • Volunteers

  • Members of the military

  • Elected public officials

  • Individuals working in the audio-visual and video production industry.

  • Domestic employees in a private home

  • Individuals employed as casual laborers for occasional or intermittent work on a farm

  • Children under the age of 16 who are employed by their parent 

Students employed by a college or university to do work that is part of their course of study and is assigned as a regular part of their curriculum are also not covered.

If you were injured or got sick due to your working conditions on the job, consider contacting a St, Louis workers’ compensation attorney for advice.


How Long Does It Take to Settle a Workers’ Comp Case in Missouri?


The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Commission has a statute of limitations that can vary depending on the circumstances. In general, it takes about six months from the date of injury to settle a workers’ comp case.

Missouri has two different ways to settle a workers’ comp case. The first is through mediation, and the second is through arbitration. 

Mediation can be done by an arbitrator appointed by the commission or by an independent mediator chosen mutually by both parties. The arbitrator will then decide on a settlement amount.

The arbitration process involves submitting a dispute to one or more arbitrators, who make a binding decision. An arbitration procedure is an alternative to going to court when disputing a legal issue.

How Much Do You Get Paid From Workers’ Comp in Missouri?


The workers’ Compensation system was created to provide a financial safety net for workers who are injured while on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance can cover the cost of medical treatment and lost wages. In Missouri, there are two types of workers’ comp:

  1. State-funded workers’ compensation: This insurance program is funded by Missouri tax dollars and overseen by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.
  2. Self-insured workers’ compensation: This insurance program is paid for entirely by the employer. The employer pays a premium to cover their employees, which can be more costly than state-funded workers’ compensation because it does not have any state oversight or regulation.

To help ensure you can receive maximum medical improvement for a permanent partial disability, you may need a workers’ comp attorney for advice and advocacy.


How Are Workers’ Comp Settlements Calculated in Missouri?

Workers’ compensation cases are calculated based on the type of injury, the severity of the injury, and the number of weeks that an injured worker is unable to work. Settlements are typically based on a percentage of the average weekly wage.

Injury often prevents a worker from returning to work. Employers often refuse or are unable to accommodate a worker’s injury. In these cases, workers’ compensation benefits are necessary. Missouri Workers Compensation Attorneys can help with workers’ comp in St. Louis, Missouri, by filing a claim on behalf of the injured worker and representing them throughout the process.

How Can an Attorney Help With Work Comp Settlements in Missouri?


Getting all the medical care and benefits you deserve can be challenging when navigating the workers’ compensation system. This is where a workers’ compensation attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, can be helpful.

A seasoned workers’ compensation attorney can explain how the system works, your rights, and how to navigate it. The attorneys in St. Louis can help you meet any deadlines for filing claims or showing documentation that may be necessary to prove your needs.

Talk to an attorney at Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien for questions about a workers’ compensation matter.

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