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A Guide to Finding a Skilled Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Springfield, MO

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Springfield, MO, to determine your eligibility for benefits.

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What is Workers’ Compensation?


Workers’ compensation or workers’ comp is an insurance payment to employees who have been injured at work. The payment also applies to employees who have become sick or developed a medical condition because of their job.

The compensation of employees who have been injured at work is mandatory, as employers are obligated by the Missouri workers’ compensation law to take out workers’ compensation insurance to cover themselves and their employees.

Some of the common workplace injuries for which an employee would qualify for compensation include :

  • Machinery injury
  • Head injury
  • Back injury
  • Slips or trips over machinery
  • Joint injuries

Suppose an injured worker believes that he or she didn’t receive all the benefits they are supposed to, and their employer or insurance company seems reluctant to resolve the issue. In that case, there are still actions that can be taken. For example, the Dispute Management Unit of the Missouri Division of Labor offers an alternative dispute resolution process to resolve differences without litigation.

A conference before an administrative law judge between an injured worker and the attorney of their employer/insurer, where they can also attempt to resolve the case by settlement. Finally, a workers’ comp claim can be filled.

The process of compensation after a work injury may become complicated. Therefore, you might want to engage the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer in Springfield, MO, to hold your hand through the difficult time.

Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney


A workers’ compensation lawyer is one whose practice focuses on navigating the legal process for employee compensation and obtaining maximum benefits for their clients.

The period following a work injury is often filled with stress, fear, and uncertainty, especially when the injury is severe. In such circumstances establishing an attorney-client relationship with an experienced lawyer for workers’ compensation may provide some relief.


How Can Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Help?

Your attorney can protect your interests and fight for you to get full benefits when your claim is denied. Insurance companies often find many reasons to deny employee claims, including inadequate documentation or failure to meet the filing requirements. This reluctance often leaves injured employees facing many appeals before they get their due. In such circumstances, your attorney can help to strengthen your case on appeal. They can also help identify the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to and ensure you receive compensation for your losses.

Therefore, hiring an attorney will enhance your chances of winning negotiations with the insurance company. If you decide to represent yourself, you should be aware that you will face a law firm with highly experienced lawyers. These lawyers must have handled countless workers’ compensation cases, and you may not have the relevant expertise or resources to take on such adversaries. Therefore it is in your best interests to engage a seasoned attorney or law firm to level the playing field. However, your attorney would have the skill to deal with their fellow lawyers to ensure you get positive results.


What Do Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Do?

The job of workers’ compensation attorneys also includes helping injured workers to prove that a work-related injury did occur at work. This skill is essential when dealing with an employer who is reluctant to pay compensation and denies that your injury is work-related.

Your attorney will also guide you on the steps to take as an injured worker if your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance. Your legal practitioner will help you understand what benefits or medical treatment options you will be entitled to and ensure that you receive them.

If you have sustained a personal injury at work, but your employer seems to ignore the seriousness of the injury, your attorney will help you. They will present your evidence for medical treatment in court, giving you a chance to receive the medical benefits that you had lost.

Your attorney would also provide professional legal support to help you resolve any ancillary issues connected to your work injury. For instance, if your work-related injury was caused by someone else, or perhaps a different company that is not your employer, you may have a valid claim against the third party. In that case, it is your attorneys’ responsibility to advise you concerning additional compensation.

When to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer


It is ideal to engage the services of a workers’ comp lawyer as soon as you or your loved one sustains a work injury before the processes start to get complicated. This is to ensure that the process of getting compensated is as seamless as possible.

However, suppose you’ve begun the process already by yourself. In that case, it is not too late to hire a skilled attorney to relieve you, especially if you’ve encountered any hurdles or complications along the way. Your workers’ compensation lawyer can help resolve any existing issues and get you the compensation you deserve.


The Cost of Engaging a Workers’ Comp Lawyer


The cost of hiring a workers’ comp attorney is not fixed but is dependent on several variables, including;

  • The lawyer’s skill

  • The size of the law office

  • The complexity of the case amongst others.

Legal fees are thus determined on a case-to-case basis. However, it is best to hire a workers’ comp attorney or law firm that offers a free consultation for their new clients to reduce your expenses. In this way, you can get a sense of direction on your case from a legal perspective and at no cost.

Finding a Skilled Workers’ Comp Attorney in Springfield

The choice of a lawyer to represent you in your workers’ compensation claim is critical. It may determine the results of your case. Your decision here must thus be a good one, devoid of sentiments, and should offer some assurance of success.

There are many workers’ compensation lawyers in Springfield, but you need to get one that’s the right fit for you. it would be best to establish an attorney-client relationship with a lawyer or law firm with the following qualities;

  • Look out for a significant and verifiable experience in workmens’ compensation law practice
  • The lawyer or law firm should have a track record of success in such cases
  • The legal fees should be affordable
  • The lawyer or law firm should have your best interests at heart.

At Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien, we can offer you all of the above and so much more. We have over 40 years of experience in workers’ compensation law practice and can provide the skilled legal representation you need. Our skilled lawyers can help you obtain the best possible outcome from your workers’ compensation case.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation and get started on your case. Alternatively, please feel free to visit our Springfield office at The Hammons Tower, 901 E St. Louis St, Suite 200-09, Springfield, MO 65806.

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