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Take the Joplin Safety Pledge! Win a Phone Holder!At Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien (BWO) Joplin law firm, we have helped to protect Joplin workers and drivers in the aftermath of injuries for over 40 years. These accidents, caused by the carelessness of others, can lead to significant harm and are often out of your control.

For the situations that can be controlled, though, BWO wants to be part of the safety solution. By utilizing our legal experience, investing our resources, and seeking advice from leading safety figures in the community, we hope to prevent some of those injuries before they occur. Specifically through our new Safety Pledge program.

To do that we’ve partnered with Kevin Theilen, former Joplin firefighter and Safe Kids Coordinator at The Alliance of Southwest Missouri, The Alliance of Southwest Missouri is a community partnership that exists to strengthen families and communities by identifying concerns, locating resources, and facilitating change through community collaborations, partnerships, and service provision.