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Slip and Fall SettlementOur client received $875,000 in a slip and fall settlement. A full-value slip and fall settlement is a routine result for clients at Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien. Our lawyers have years of knowledge and experience protecting our clients’ rights in a variety of personal injury cases including slip and fall. We’re battle-tested and possess an established history of successful million dollar awards and awards.

Big Slip and Fall Settlement

The slip and fall settlement was the result of an accident that took place at a convenient store. Inside the convenience store, water had been left on the floor and cause serious injury to our client. Past outcomes afford no guarantee of future results and each situation is different and must be judged on its particular merits. While no two client situations are ever the same, and no attorney can guarantee the result of a lawsuit, we invite you to read over this story and some of our other results, so you can observe how hiring Buchanan, Williams, & O’Brien can benefit the outcome of your situation.

Falls account for more than 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the chief cause of visits (21.3%). Slips and falls account for more than 1 million visits or 12% of total drops based on data from the National Floor Safety Institute. Compensation and healthcare costs related to worker slip/fall accidents is roughly $70 billion annually (National Safety Council Injury Facts 2003 edition).

Historically, fractures have the most serious effects of drops and occur in 5 percent of people who fall. Slips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ lawsuit claims and will be the primary cause of work-related injury for individuals aged 55 years and older. However, there is a multitude of possible injuries that warrant a slip and fall settlement. Our client suffered an injury that required knee replacements and ultimately a knee fusion. Beyond the physical trauma inflicted on our client, it put serious restraints on their ability to carry out normal daily activities.

Important Details for Slip and Fall Settlements

Time limits with personal injury cases in Missouri are extremely important to listen to for premises liability and slip and fall injuries. The time constraints may differ based on the situation and variables of the accident. The time limit where a claim has to be filed is known as the statute of limitations. There might be a distinct statute of limitations for injuries based on the conditions, like filing a claim if injured on personal land versus being hurt while decreasing in a business enterprise. When the time limit has expired, the claim is barred. Oftentimes, it’s essential to get a lawyer to make sure documents are so and instances are registered when required.

When a slip or fall happens, it is ideal to contact a legal representative to assist with the complicated issues that come to the surface when dealing with the incident. You are not guaranteed a slip and fall settlement, it’s incumbent on you to take the necessary steps to make sure your rights are protected. A personal injury lawyer can help collect and organize evidence to demonstrate how the injuries occurred as a way to construct a claim. We have been in business for 40+ years since we provide exceptional personal service and frequently communicate with our customers.