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Workers Comp SettlementBuchanan, Williams & O’Brien recently obtained a workers’ compensation award for our client valued at more than $1,000,000.

We are Workers Compensation Settlement Specialists

If you have been hurt at work or vulnerable to harmful chemicals at work, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation. Keep reading to find out what to expect in your case and how an experienced workers’ compensation settlement St. Louis lawyer at one of our offices in Missouri can provide assistance.

The award in this came after a hearing in front of a workers’ compensation judge in Joplin, Missouri at the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation.

If you’re hurt on the job you’re probably eligible for reimbursement.

Assessing an employee’s compensation claim from the employer is just a request for benefits. To recover, you don’t have to show that your employer was responsible. Our firm can help you be certain that you know what sort of benefits you will receive under workers’ compensation policy when you’ve suffered an accident at work.

We’ve got experience representing injured workers in virtually every type of business, such as trucking, construction, heavy equipment, factory, industrial, healthcare, and schooling, and every kind of personal injury, such as: amputation, back injuries, brain injury, burns, heart attack, knee injuries, meniscus tears, muscle tears, neck injuries, repetitive stress disorders, and shoulder injuries.

How to Get your Workers Comp Settlement

The very first thing you have to do if you’re hurt or become ill on the job will be to serve your company or manager a written note instantly. Failure to serve the notice within 30 days can forfeit your right to reimbursement. Your employer can find a physician for you; they’re anticipated to generate the required arrangements for medical therapy as soon as you inform them of your harm. They may also file a report with the Department of Workers’ Compensation.

When you employ a workers comp settlement lawyer, you are able to leverage their expertise at each step of the Missouri workers compensation procedure. They’ll answer your questions and make sure that you meet deadlines, and always watch out for your very best interest. If you cannot go to our office, most employees’ compensation claims instances can be opened across the phone, and with no office visit from the customer. Sometimes, we could meet you at your house, or in another place to go over your case.

An employee who gets injured in a collision at work may have several compensation advantages open to him or her. Such accidents at work might include excursions, slip and fall injuries, burns, back injuries because of heavy lifting, and more. An insured employee is also open to compensations when they suffer from occupational illnesses or a disease that’s due to the continuous exposure of the worker to harmful worksite conditions.

It’s important to be aware that in the event of any accidental injury due to the negligence of the employee, perhaps on account of the influence of alcohol or drugs or inability to adhere to apparent safety policies, there are no workers’ compensation benefits for this employee.