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Confidential Med Mal Settlement For Client vs. HospitalWe represented a client in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital and the doctor that was responsible for managing her hospital care. Our client was admitted to the hospital for back surgery on a Friday morning.

The surgery was completed without complication about mid-day. Her condition after surgery was stable until the early morning hours on Saturday, when blood pressure began to drop. Her blood pressure dropped to 90 SBP, then into the 80’s, 70’s and 60’s. The hospital and doctor managing her care failed to take any significant steps to address her low blood pressure until mid-afternoon on Sunday. By that time, our client’s blood pressure had been below 90 for nearly 48 hours, she was in shock, convulsing, and suffering kidney and respiratory failure. She was rushed to the ICU where her systolic blood pressure was measured at 30. She was eventually stabilized and transferred to another hospital.

Our client nearly died as a result of medical negligence. Thankfully, her kidney and respiratory systems recovered. However, the event led to a long hospitalization and prolonged period of weakness which lead to a bad outcome for her back surgery. The hospital and doctor initially denied any responsibility and refused to pay the claim. We took several depositions and hired experts to testify regarding the negligence of the nurses and doctor and the cause of our client’s injury. After extended litigation and long mediation, we were able to settle the case against the hospital for a confidential amount.

Medical Malpractice is the Third Leading Cause of Death in Missouri

The insurance industry would have the public believe that the plaintiff’s attorneys file frivolous lawsuits that threaten health care in our country.  A recent study shows this is not true.  In fact, the opposite of true.  Medical malpractice kills hundreds of thousands of patients every year, and only a fraction of those deaths result in a lawsuit. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services recently found that 45.8% of death certificates were incorrectly filed, based on CDC guidelines.

Clinical mistakes include a variety of potentially harmful mistakes a service provider or health center system can make: misdiagnosis, providing the wrong dosage of a drug or ignoring the treatment of a patient because of a communication failure. Mistakes like these can be benign, yet they can also trigger people that have or else long life expectancies to meet an untimely death.

Cardiovascular disease, after that cancer is the leading cause of fatality for Americans. Persistent reduced respiratory system illnesses like bronchitis and also emphysema take 3rd location, according to leading wellness teams. But that place really belongs to a cause of fatality that doesn’t even make the current checklist.

Causes of fatality are exceptionally crucial statistics within the clinical field. Data are used to identify and track condition episodes, as a basis for health and wellness plans and also to route study top priorities and funding. So mistakes can result in genuine influences.

A new Kaiser Health and wellness News analysis of house health and wellness firms from 2010 to 2015 discovered greater than 3,000 companies had actually improperly assessed or tracked medications for new individuals. In many cases, nurses fell short to realize that individuals were taking possibly harmful mixes of drugs, taking the chance of unusual heart rhythms, blood loss, kidney damages, and seizures.

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