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Avoiding the Common Mistakes When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim


When filing a workers’ compensation claim, certain rules must be followed. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes. Learn more here.

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Common Mistakes When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim


Workers’ comp is not only a formality, but it is also a legal process that needs to be handled correctly. Laws about workers comp are strict, and the workers’ comp system is complicated.

Workers compensation claims are prone to error if you are not careful. Here are some of the common mistakes people make while filing a workers’ compensation claim:

1. Failing or delaying to see a physician and inform your employer: You must notify your employer, in writing, within 30 days of receiving your diagnosis. You also need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Failure to seek prompt medical assistance or report your injury to your employer may jeopardize your ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

2. Failing to be honest with your doctor – Be upfront with your doctor about all of your symptoms and medical history, even if some of these details seem irrelevant. If work-related factors worsened your pre-existing condition, then you might be able to claim compensation.

3. Not hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney: Many people think hiring an attorney is too expensive. However, this is not true. Workers’ comp attorneys only get paid if they help you in obtaining workers’ compensation benefits.

4. Incorrectly filling the form: If a claim is filed wrongly or has mistakes in the paperwork, it will be rejected. Handling a workers’ comp yourself is risky. Ensure that you take advice from a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

5. Not listing all injuries: Injured workers must list every injury on the claim form, including minor injuries, because they can become major over time.

6. Not getting a second medical opinion: A second opinion is crucial to ensuring that you have received the correct diagnosis and treatment for your work-related injury. Additionally, a diagnosis from another physician can significantly influence the outcome of your claim.

7. Failing to mention medical treatment received: Before you begin a workers’ comp claim, ensure that you collect proof of all medical treatment. This includes bills, prescriptions, test reports, and scans. Also, maintain a record of your injury-related costs, including lost wages, medical bills, or any special services. Keeping such a detailed record yourself will significantly reduce the chances of error while also saving time, money, and energy.

Contact a Workers’ compensation lawyer in Missouri to help you with your workers’ comp claim.

What Is the Most Comming Injury on Workers’ Compensation Claims?


The 5 most common workers’ compensation injuries are:

  • Strains (30.06% of workers’ compensation claims)
  • Contusions (20.83%)
  • Lacerations (11.79%)
  • Sprains (8.85%)
  • Punctures (5.50%)

Can I Get Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits After a Workers’ Comp Settlement?


The answer is yes!

While you can receive both SSDI and workers’ compensation benefits for the same ailment, the amount of money you receive from your workers’ compensation claim may affect your disability benefits. This applies to lump-sum or monthly workers’ comp payments.

An experienced Missouri workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the maximum workers’ compensation benefits and SSDI benefits while working on a contingency basis.

What Not to Do When Claiming Workers’ Comp


The following is a list of things you should never do while claiming workers’ comp benefits.

  1. Don’t lie about your workplace injury or illness.
  2. Don’t refuse medical treatment or rehabilitation.
  3. Don’t fail to report all changes in your condition or employment status.
  4. Don’t quit your job without getting the Workers’ Compensation Board’s (WCB) approval.
  5. Don’t contact the employer other than through their insurance company or lawyer.

Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Missouri when filing your workers’ compensation claim. It’s the smart move.

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