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Permanent Total Disability Workers CompensationBWO, a personal injury law firm in Joplin, Missouri, recovered $255,000 in workers’ compensation benefits for a client who was injured on-the-job. We filed a workers’ compensation claim for our client when fell at work and suffered a compound fracture that extended into his knee joint.

Permanent Total Disability

We sought permanent total disability benefits for our client, which total 66% of his average weekly wage for the remainder of his life. The client also had pre-existing back problems and the employer argued that the second injury fund was responsible.

We hired experts, took depositions, and prepared the workers’ compensation case for final hearing. The case settled before the hearing for $195,000 paid by the employer and $60,000 paid by the Missouri Second Injury Fund. We were happy to get a good outcome for a permanent total disability case and a great client.