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BWO Attorneys Have Experience Winning Forklift Accident Cases

Forklift Accident in MissouriBWO successfully settled the case for a client injured in a forklift accident. Our client was injured while waiting for cargo to be loaded on his trailer by forklift.  The driver of the forklift was careless and he drove the forklift into our client causing injuries. The injury caused by the forklift accident was painful, and the recovery long. The client required surgery and a long period out-of-work recovering.

BWO brought a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the forklift and the owner of the property where the accident happened in Douglas County, Missouri. We were able to find insurance coverage available to pay our client’s damages. We took depositions of all those involved in the forklift accident, and we sent our client for a medical examination to evaluate his permanent injuries. We are happy to report that we successfully settled the case for our client for $210,000.

Forklift Accident Law Basics

Forklifts can be harmful machines. While generally the operators are trained, it’s unrealistic to believe training will prevent all forklift accidents. Because of this, forklift accidents in Missouri and other states are all too prevalent.

Forklift accidents may occur to the individual operating the forklift or to passersby. Based on where the incident occurred, wounded people’s claims for reimbursement will entail different legal challenges. Injured people should speak to a skilled personal injury lawyer that may advocate for them. Missouri personal injury attorneys Buchanan, Williams, & O’Brien represent both employees and non-employees and help them acquire the compensation they deserve for harms caused by a forklift accident.

In cases where forklift accidents were due to neglect, the entity who’s at-fault has a responsibility to protect the wounded individual. An example of this is in big box stores where forklifts are used to transport goods during regular shopping hours: the shops always have a responsibility to safeguard shoppers. In non-retail situations, the warehouse or business owner ought to protect drivers and other workers in case of a forklift accident. If this obligation to protect is broken either by a driver not correctly working on the forklift or by not properly controlling the forklift, any harms caused would be the duty of the operator along with his employer.

In situations like those described above, those who are hurt in a forklift accident while at a shop or warehouse may file a civil lawsuit alleging that the operator has been negligent in their obligation to defend the visitor.

If a forklift operator is hurt in a forklift accident at work, one option is to file for workers compensation, which offers limited advantages to the majority of workers who are hurt at work. In this case, the injured employee will have to notify their manager, submit a workers’ compensation claim, and attend appointments with a specified workers’ compensation physician. They may then get monetary awards for any time lost at work, in addition to money for their medical care or to compensate for any permanent disability that may have happened. A Missouri forklift accident attorney can help a person get in contact with a workers’ compensation lawyer or can assist the individual in filing a claim.

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