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BWO Triumphs in Wrong Medication Lawsuit Settlement

Win for Wrong Medication Belonging to a Infected PatientBuchanan, Williams, & O’Brien Attorneys at Law recently won a wrong medication lawsuit settlement for a client. Our client was in the hospital and received medication in the form of a shot from the medical providers. Unfortunately, the medication belonged to another client who was infected with Hepatitis C, an infectious disease that can be life-threatening.

First, our client tried to resolve the matter without an attorney but found he could not. He hired attorneys from BWO and let us take over the wrong medication lawsuit settlement case.

BWO immediately secured the relevant medical records, thoroughly reviewed them, and mapped out a strategy for compensation. BWO was able to get the hospital to provide compensation to the client in an amount that reflected what they had done. Our attorneys have years of knowledge and expertise in protecting our customers’ rights in many different personal injury cases. We have assisted wounded individuals for over 40 years. BWO has secured millions of dollars and attained great customer results again and again.

The takeaway for anyone who has been hurt or injured is that even in cases where there is an obvious medical error, you often need an experienced attorney with personal injury experience to hold the medical provider accountable and get you the wrong medication lawsuit settlement you deserve.

Medical Malpractice and Medical Negligence

Winning a wrong medication lawsuit settlement is complicated, both because of the laws involved and the proof required, which will likely involve obtaining and interpreting medical records. Two key areas of law involved in wrong medication lawsuits are medical malpractice and medical negligence.

A physician can only be found responsible in a wrong medication lawsuit if he or she — not somebody else, like the nurse, pharmacist, or drug production firm — is the person who really made the error. This may be a fairly intricate detail to establish. In a wrong medication lawsuit settlement or any medical malpractice actions, in order for the litigation to be workable, you need to verify that the physician’s actions really pertain to medical negligence.

In order to prove liability and win a wrong medication lawsuit settlement, you must demonstrate that the physician was negligent in prescribing a specific medicine. To do so, you are required to prove:

  1. What the medical standard of care was in your case
  2. How your physician did not adhere to the standard of care
  3. The way you had been harmed as an outcome

Depending on the circumstances, you might pursue a wrong medication lawsuit settlement against a different entity other than your physician. Drug companies can generate tainted or dangerous medicines. Nurses may administer the incorrect dose or someone else’s medication, like in the case of BWO’s client. A pharmacist may fill the wrong prescription or share incorrect instructions for taking the medicine.

If you think that you were prescribed the wrong medicine and you suffered adverse effects, you need to talk to a lawyer experienced in wrong medication lawsuit settlements as soon as possible. An attorney can guide you through the process, ensure you file your case within the Missouri statute of limitations, and help you pursue the proper settlement in order to get the compensation you deserve. We have an established history of over 40 years focusing on behalf of individuals in Missouri like our client in this case and are all set to offer the exact same results-oriented support to you. 

We’re effective as a law firm because our customers are successful. We built our company on principle — joyful customers equivalent a prosperous company. We’re proud to have earned many happy customers through recent years. See what our customers have to say about their experience using BWO. Personal accidents cause pain, distress, and financial hardship. The financial security of your household is frequently at stake. We’re proud to have made powerful case outcomes which have given customers the compensation that they were owed and place their families back to a solid fiscal footing.