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Fatal Car Accidents Missouri are a terrible thing. If you or a loved one is involved in one, you may have questions about the right thing to do, what laws apply, and what compensation you may deserve. Here, a Missouri personal injury attorney explains everything you need to know.

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Fatal Car Accidents Missouri

Few life events are more cataclysmic and unexpected than fatal car accidents. Missouri is often considered a “flyover” area, but it is actually 19th in fatal vehicular accidents in the nation. Car accidents are common. Regrettably, that is just part of the convenient transportation system our country has generated. Injuries and unexpected deaths cause distress, sadness, and pain, as well as financial hardship.

Fortunately, this trend might be decreasing. People are more informed than they previously were. Roads are safer. Car manufacturers are also making safer vehicles.

Unfortunately, in Missouri, accident liability can be difficult to determine due in part to the comparative negligence laws. This is true even when assessing liability in a fatal car or truck accident. That is why it’s necessary to have a seasoned Missouri car accident attorney who has experience with complex civil cases involving wrongful death, as well as managing mass tort litigation. He or she will help you decide when to settle and when to sue. The right lawyer will also represent you in court.

The law office of Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien, P.C. Attorneys at Law (BWO) has assisted injured individuals for over 40 years. The counselors have two SuperLawyers, U.S. Supreme Court experience, CPA and LLM credentials, plus an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale Hubbell.

Fatal Car Accidents Missouri Today: Statistics

The following fatal car accidents Missouri today statistics are based on information presented by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), the Federal Highway Administration, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The following statistics show information for car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents in the State of Missouri.

  • 15-20 years old: 277  deaths
  • 21-25 years old: 295 deaths
  • 26-30 years old: 210 deaths
  • 31-35 years old: 176 deaths
  • 36-40 years old: 166 deaths
  • 41-45 years old: 164 deaths
  • 46-50 years old: 152 deaths
  • 51-55 years old: 184 deaths
  • 56-60 years old: 142 deaths
  • 61-65 years old: 105 deaths
  • 66 or older: 388 deaths

Missouri is ranked as the 19th state in which you are most likely to be involved in a fatal car accident. If you have been involved in a fatal car accident in Missouri, it is essential that you contact an experienced personal injury or wrongful death attorney who has an understanding of the local courts.

Fewer Fatal Car Accidents Missouri 2018 Offers Hope

There were significantly fewer fatal car accidents Missouri in 2018 than there were in 2017. The number of people killed in motor vehicle accidents was observed in interactions between different types of vehicles. In 2016, accidents that involved alcohol accounted for 244 deaths. Speeding contributed in 328 fatalities that same calendar year. In 2014, semi-trucks were involved in 114 deaths which are about 20 additional accidents than in 2013. Motorcycle accidents increased from 74 motorcyclists in 2013, 91 in 2014, 97 people in 2015, and up to 127 bikers in 2016.

Over the past few years, records provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have shown that the state has experienced an increase in the number of vehicle fatalities. As of 2018, the trend reversed. In 2005, the total was 1,257. In 2017, the total was 937 The total for 2018, however, was 877.

Retaining a lawyer to represent your needs is imperative when dealing with a fatal accident.

Contributing Factors That Cause Missouri Car Accidents

Of the Missouri car accidents that occurred between 2012 and 2014, 1,057 of the individuals were not wearing their seat belt. This means that nearly 50% of these deaths could have been avoided. The majority of the other causes include the following:

  • 688 of deaths involved a driver who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • 447 of fatal car accidents in Missouri involved an unlicensed driver
  • 395 deaths took place due to excessive speeding
  • 323 deaths involved a commercial motor vehicle or semi-truck
  • 261 of the deaths involved motorcycles
  • 245 deaths were the result of texting or distracted driving

If you have been involved in a fatal car accident in Missouri or a truck accident, whether you feel you were at fault or not, it is necessary that you immediately receive counsel from a legal advisor.

Contact an Experienced Missouri Car Crash Attorney

Anyone who has been in a truck or car accident should waste no time in contacting a Missouri car crash attorney. The right counselor treats his or her clients with respect and dignity. He or she will update them regularly so they can have an accurate assessment and a reasonable prediction. With an understanding of Missouri accident laws, an experienced lawyer realizes that time is of the essence when filing a civil wrongful death case.

Understanding the Missouri Accident Laws

One of the Missouri accident laws that you should be aware of is the statute of limitations. A “statute of limitations” is a state law that sets a strict time limit for your right to bring a lawsuit to court. In Missouri, the statute of limitations that applies to litigation over a vehicular accident partly depends on whether the incident caused an injury or death.

Based on Missouri Revised Statute section 516.120 anyone injured in an accident has to file their civil litigation within five years of the date of the accident. If the incident resulted in a death, then a relative of the deceased must bring a wrongful death claim within three years of the person’s death whether it occurred on the date of the accident or as a result of it. This deadline can be reviewed at Missouri Revised Statutes section 537.100.

Another Missouri accident law is the “pure comparative fault” law. This assigns a certain amount of financial obligation depending on the amount of fault that each driver holds. In other words, the same degree of fault reduces the damages you can recover.

Additionally, there are several situations in which a motorist must report. Missouri Revised Statutes section 303.040 lays out the requirements for reporting an accident. The owner/operator of a vehicle must report an accident with an uninsured motorist on a road or in a parking lot. The owner/operator of a vehicle must report an accident in which a person is killed or injured or where property damage of one person is over $500. Plus, the owner/operator of a parked vehicle must report an accident in which a person is killed or injured or where property damage of one person is over $500 and the owner or operator didn’t have auto insurance.

Make sure to fill out the official Missouri Department of Revenue report form. If you need help after a car or truck accident, contact a local lawyer for additional assistance.

Fatal Accident on I 10:  What Should You Do?

What do you do if you are involved in or are a witness to a fatal accident on I-10? Although I-10 doesn’t run through Missouri, State HWY Route 10 does. Automobile accidents can be traumatic. You and your family will likely experience costly property damage, potential injuries, and perhaps the wrongful death of a loved one or even a stranger and the anguish that involves.

At the moment, it is difficult to think clearly and rise to the occasion.

While the injured or dying person is receiving medical attention, it’s vital that someone gathers evidence about the event. He or she should attempt to follow up with the caregivers. If the individual dies, this information may be necessary.

Although each case differs, the process for litigating fatal car accidents Missouri is a bit complicated. Multiple elements, such as alcohol involvement, high speeds, texting, etc. will likely incur criminal charges. They might even result in vehicular manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, or claims of murder. A civil lawsuit may be filed even if criminal charges are dropped. When dealing with fatal car accidents in Missouri, it is always a good idea to seek expert legal counsel and contact an attorney familiar with the local laws and courts.

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